Day 133

I’d love the serendipity of discovering that TODAY is May 11 since I last posted on March 11 and April 11 but it isn’t. so much for serendipity.

When Stephanie de Montigny proposed the idea of posting one thing a day that makes  us happy I jumped at the idea. I was feeling pretty low and I have always found it helpful to look  towards something to pull me out of the dumps. The idea of looking for what makes me happy seemed like a logical extension of my established tactic. It has proved more difficult than I ever imagined.  I did chat with Stephanie once  or twice about this although I scarcely know her. Suffice to say she is a remarkable woman, very insightful, perceptive and supportive also a skilled and tasteful photographer of babes, bellies, and families.  I have not ever devoted so much time to self examination and while intellectually I know I have every right to be happy and generally am happy, listing  what makes me happy has felt a bit frivolous and self absorbed.

While I may not have posted for 33 days I have been thinking about that makes me happy and so soon to follow will be the list. The list of the missing 100 things, give or take, that make me happy.  Thinking about the list and what will go on the list has made me happy.


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