Golden Foil

One of my very early memories is of getting my bottom spanked by my mother. My recall of the event is a feeling of denial and injustice.

My mother worked out of town and I lived with my Grandparents.  Mom was home for  a few days and we were in the kitchen. I don’t know what  product she was opening but it had golden foil around it. I can still see it in my mind. To me that foil was the most wonderful thing I had ever see!  I wanted to have the foil and she did not understand-I may have been pre-verbal.  I pitched a fit  and was swiftly dealt with. Later that morning my grandmother came to my defense explaining that she always allowed me the foil packaging from the tea and what I had wanted was the foil packaging. Where  my grandmother and I saw a wonderful tactile  experience my mom saw garbage.

I still  find pleasure in shiny foil as I do all manner of discretely sparkly things.  Peeling back the golden foil on  the  P.C chocolate mousse gives me disproportionate pleasure. A taste of happy in a glorious foil covered jar!


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