Bridgehead Coffee coffee makes me happy.  It tastes  wonderful!  Yirgacheffe is my favourite variety and I love it when  it is available. Bridgehead makes it easy to feel good about drinking coffee as all their coffees are shade grown, organic, ethically produced and provide fair wages to workers here and abroad.

We grind our own Bridgehead beans at home and use a simple Melitta   pour over system for morning coffee. Single cups see us using a Bodum French press

If I choose to step out for a coffee we have Cafe Nero  very close by. The treats are decadent and the coffee sublime. Further afield Bridgehead locations rise up to meet me. Bank and Grove, my first love,  is closest but Elgin at MacLaren, Bank at Gilmour, Bank at Albert and often work for me. Sad is the day I must transfer buses at Bank and Gladstone . . . where only that green haired American lacquer is served up. Thankfully, if time allows, the wonderful smells and sound of the Anderson  Street roastery may be a possibility as I travel  north off Gladstone along Preston Street.

I am happy drinking coffee Bridgehead alone or at home with my Darling. I love to meet my friends and clients at Nero’s or along my route at the most convenient Bridgehead.


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