We live on the edge of a super highway, next to a food bank.  That’s a squirrel super highway and  a squirrel food bank, I will clarify. For reasons know only to Ottawa Hydro and my city councillor, the wires that service our block are not buried underground. Ugly as the wires are, they present us with unending entertainment. The local squirrels  race along them at breakneck speed defending their territory, foraging, flirting (and fornicating,) and transporting food.

In addition to the wires, we have a large oak tree in back and caragana hedge to each side. A squirrel’ Garden of Eden,’ some might think. The hedge is old and if I am truthful attractive for about 8-10 weeks of the year. Were it not for the critters we’d most likely take it down but it provides food and cover for birds, and blossoms for bees and hummingbirds and  recently has taken on a new function-that of a food bank for what we think is a particular squirrel.

If you look very closely at today’s picture REALLY closely- I am not a photographer- you will see red in amongst the branches. One red spot is the tail light to my neighbour’s truck and another is the driveway marker across the way BUT if you look really closely you can almost make out an apple wedged in the caragana hedge.

When I noticed the first apple, I thought it was a fluke, that someone had tossed it there perhaps from an unfinished lunch for we are near to several schools. Then it was gone. When I looked again, there was a new apple and the next day another wedged there close to the other. Then one was gone. Then there was a bun near to an apple! Last week I saw the little patron remove the apple and scurry away. Today there are no foodstuffs to be found in the hedge although, there is a bun on my window sill!

Keeping an eye on the squirrels makes me happy and there are other critters too but that is a story for another day.

Don’t worry, find happy!


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