Happy is the world around me

“Humph, this’ll be easy-peasy” I thought.  “Frequently posting what makes me happy, sure I’ll accept the challenge. The disciple of posting daily will be good for me”

Here we are,  day 43 of the new year and I have how many posts?  On the positive side there are 325 days left to go this year. I have time to make it up to my legion of followers<grin>.

I have found this challenge much more difficult than I imagined. I am not disposed to self reflection and yet, I have set myself up to examine what makes me happy. I have to say I am  for the most part a happy person until, I am not.  I have never really examined this until this year. I do find that it is ridiculously small things that make me smile to myself and give me that little tingle that reminds me how happy I am. And while I have not been posting every day I have been thinking about happiness and taking photos of this happy thing and that happy thing which I will soon share with you. I will also tell you that I have not been happy over the last several days. Things have looked pretty black for me.

There are lots of reasons for the blackness and in the past I might simply have been black. Now I am asking myself why and believe it or not this,  while not lightening my mood has left me with a sense of accomplishment and THAT makes me feel happy


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