Yesterday and Today

There are 2 things in the photo that make me happy.

ONE is my rice cooker!

Oh how I love a simple rice cooker. Someone gave me a rice cooker close to 20 years ago. She had been given it as a gift and had sat on her shelf for at least a decade. I took it somewhat reluctantly when she assured me it was a great little gadget- why did SHE not want it?  BUT I had junior men still at home and they were forever leaving rice goober on the stove top and soaking scorched pots in the sink. I took it home with me and the rest is history.

Sometime last year the old Sanyo rice cooker cooked its last pot. I began to make rice on the stove top.  UGH, it had to be watched and attended to. I went in search of another but rice cookers have become more sophisticated  with digital this, and electronic that. I wanted simplicity. Back-to-School marketing presented a pared down version and I snapped one up. Hooray for  campus cooking!

TWO is quinoa

Strictly speaking, quinoa in itself does not make me happy. It is a fine food that packs a wallop, nutritionally speaking. It is pretty neutral in terms of flavour and I welcome it to round out my vegetarian diet. What makes me happy is QUINOA in my RICE COOKER!

WOW like WOW!

Just like the rice, I rinse, plop, add liquid, push the lever top it with the lid and walk away, done and dusted. No muss, little fuss and there it is 15 minutes later, hot and fluffy waiting for me.

Happy? You betcha!



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