January 10

Music. Music makes me happy.

I was asked today to list 12 albums that made an impression on me. An idle day activity that made me think back to  pleasurable listening, to days of vinyl past. I have to stop at 20 the rules after all, were for a dozen. As I added each and then reread the list there were more to be added- genres and decades missing but having stretched the rules far enough. I share with you my list. Be happy!
1. What’s Been Did and Whats Bin Hid- Donovan
2.Blonde on Blonde- Dylan
3. Music from Big Pink-The Band
4. Rubber – Soul Beatles
5. Chilliwack – OM
6. In My Life – Judy Collins
7.Ladies of the  Canyon- Joni Mitchell
8. Songs of love and Hate- Leonard Cohen
9 Astral Weeks- Van Morrison
10. I am woman- Helen Reddy
11. Hyms of the 49th Parallel- KD Lang
12. After the Gold Rush-Neil Young
13. Anthology-Ray Charles
14. Disralie Gears- Cream
15. Greatest Hits- Kinks
16. Hang on Little Tomato- Pink Martini
17. Heros Symphony–Phillip Glass
18. Natch’l Blues -Taj Mahal
19. Lucille-BB King
20. Les Miserables- Canadian Cast recording


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