Scribble Scrabble

What makes me happy?

Words make me happy! I love to read. I love to use the language to describe what  I see, and what I hear, and what I think, and what I feel. There are words I don’t like the sound of- scarf, scab, panty, fecund…and others my mind chooses not to share with me right now.

I love to play with words, not for winning, not for the points, just for the joy of putting the words together; for the pleasure of making words of a similar theme or related in some obvious or obscure way.

Our Scrabble game was a gift to us, from us, the Christmas weeks before we were married. To us it was an expensive gift and probably cost more in 1972 dollars than it does in today’s money. The letters have been with us ever since. We upgraded the board in the 1980’s for a plastic one on a turntable. The turntable never really worked but the grid of depressions to hold the tiles in place means that jiggling the board doesn’t misalign the words and so we soldier on with it.

I remember a conversation between Mr. Me and I as we walked off the excesses of that holiday. One of us had read an article about games and how in the future, people would play more games because we would have more leisure time. How prescient!  We vowed to build a library of games to fill our leisure time in the years to come. Two generations on, our first game, Scrabble, lingers on while Risk, Monopoly,Trivial Pursuit, Cranium and their ilk have been  resurrected from dusty corners and cupboards and dispatched to friends family and charity collections.  It’s all about the words!

Pictured today is the start of a new game with the magnetic Scrabble game I received from Cheeky Santa.  We keep a game going on over the course of the week as we rotate in and out of the kitchen.


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