Christmas cards

I like to get mail. Real mail, the mail I walk up the block to retrieve, the mail that used to be delivered to my door.

My mailbox is cluttered with advertising  and offers for things I don’t need or want and the amount of ad mail has grown significantly since we shifted to community mailboxes but in amongst the Midas, KFC, and Mr. Lube flyers come Christmas cards!  Cards from friends and family far and near. Hand made cards, sparkly cards, recycled cards, formal cards and funny cards, they all make me happy but the very best cards of all are the photo cards! Cards with photos tucked inside, a printed card from a dear family  I have never met but have known online for over a decade, such sweet, sweet cards. Cards from families showing the babies I have welcomed into the world that come year after year. What a joy.

I love to get Christmas cards. They make me very happy. Happy when I take them from my mailbox, happy when I  admire the design, happy when I read the message, happy when I staple them to a ribbon to decorate my living room, happy when I take them down and tuck them away and happy when I take them out the next year and read them again before recycling them-some I tuck back into the empty decoration boxes because I can’t bear to part with them.

Thank you for sending me Christmas cards. I know they can be a bother to get out and it can be expensive to send them but please know that receiving a Christmas card makes me happy in a way than no e-card ever will. I hope to return the favour. I hope my card makes you happy too.


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