As the Crow Flies

We live at the top of a hill. While not a steep hill it is a rarity to be able to say that here in this river valley town. Our home is not too far from the infamous Alta Vista rookery, a source of controversy about five years ago. It seems the crows made some hospital workers and others nervous, as the birds settled down for the night. Whatever happened I am delighted to say we are fortunate to see lesser and greater murders of crows often as they swoop over our hilltop. We have actually dubbed them “the working birds”for they keep regular hours setting out in the early morning and returning in the late afternoon, going we like to imagine, to their place of employment.

A few of the crows work the street and trees outside our windows. They harass  a dog tethered outside, they check the trash dropped by the high school kids for tasty morsels and they keep watch on the squirrel nests with murderous intent. Often seen high in the white pines of our vista they are also likely to be on the road and very occasionally one comes to rest in the linden front and centre to our home.

Crows make me happy!

I am not a skilled photographer. I have tried and failed to capture the morning and evening birds passing overhead. Someone else has managed however, and shared on YouTube. I invite you to look here if my photo above and description has whet your curiosity.


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