Tiny Perfect Moment

Yesterday I trucked down the hill to do an errand. Errand complete, I trucked back up the hill and decided to nip into  a store close to my home.  In the interest of truth- and to add more colour  to this post just let me over-share and say I over indulged during the Christmas season, that and a nasty virus that has kept me idling since Christmas mean I am carrying a few new pounds.  This with the uphill climb meant  I was happy to stop for the traffic signal and wait and catch my breathe.

Erie Avenue and Bank street can be a long  traffic light. Once the business of pushing the button was taken care of  I turned my right to catch the afternoon sun. I closed my eyes and let the bright winter sun light my face and seep into my head.  In that moment the tension in my forehead was gone, my sinuses felt clear and the weight of my Christmas follies was lifted. It was my tiny perfect moment.

Not one to stand on the street corner with eyes closed, I opened my eyes and glanced  to the north. The sky was as black as dusk. A storm was coming  and my sunbeam had retreated.

#gw365daysofhappy  #365daysofhappy   #365daysofhappy2017


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