365 Days of Happy | 365 Project for 2017

Stephanie de Montigny has issued the challenge below and I have accepted her challenge!

The rules are simple. Every day for the duration of 2017, post a photo of something that makes you happy, or write about something that happened that day that made your day just a little bit better. It doesn’t have to be a professional photograph; a cell snap will do just fine. It doesn’t have to be a novel, heck it doesn’t even have to be explained at all, or public for that matter (that just makes it fun and holds us accountable!). Think of something every day, no matter what. If you are away from the internet, write it down on paper and publish it later, or post a photo of your notes once you’re back on the grid.

Don’t cheat and use previous photos, because you are only cheating yourself out of your daily joy! This project is not to show off, or put others down, because those defeat the purpose entirely. Find YOUR happy, and don’t compare it to anyone else.

When posting online, include the following hashtags so that we can all follow each other’s journey and spread positivity: #365daysofhappy #365daysofhappy2017

#sdemontigny365daysofhappy2017 <– make your own custom hashtag with your username

You can follow Stephanie here—->



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